Sugarcane Based Business Incubator

Commercialized Technologies

Soil Moisture Indicator

Freeze Dried Sugarcane Juice

EPN Biopesticide Formulation

Sett Treatment Device

Sugarcane Mechanical Planter

Quatro Sugarcane
Single Bud Cutter Machine

Cane Dietary Fibre Food Products

Spray Dried Sugarcane Juice

Powder Jaggary Processing From Sugarcane Juice

Licensing of Sugarcane Varieties to Foreign Countries

Novel Frozen Sugarcane Juice Products

Freeze Preservation of Sugarcane Juice with Natural Additives

Ice-Cream Prepared From Sugarcane Syrup and Powder Jaggary

Digital Soil
Moisture Sensor

Production of Sugarcane Wine with Different Fruit Blends

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