Germplasm Collection and Registration

Germplasm Exploration

♥ An exploration for collection of wild sugarcane was conducted in different parts of Maharashtra state during October-November 2015 and collected 41 Saccharum spontaneum and two Erianthus bengalense clones.


♥ From an exploration undertaken to collect germplasm from the north-eastern states of Nagaland and Manipur, during Sep-Oct 2011, 108 clones were collected which included five S. officinarum, 98 S. spontaneum, four Erianthus sps. and one Narenga.


♥ An exploration was conducted in West Bengal during September 2010 for the collection of wild germplasm. Ten districts were surveyed and 41 collections of S. spontaneum, Erianthus rufipilus, E. elephantinus and E. arundinaceus were made.


♥ Augmentation of genetic resources through exploration in the Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand during Aug-Sep 2009:- 28 collections of Saccharum spontaneum, Erianthus fulvus and Miscanthus species from Himachal and 25 clones (S.spontaneum, Miscanthus) from Uttarakhand.


The sugarcane germplasm comprising 3368 accessions are clonally maintained at the Kannur Research Centre. 24 clones were maintained in vitro.


At Coimbatore, a total of 1,320 wild germplasm clones comprising S. spontaneum, Erianthus spp., improved high fiber clones (48) and allied genera were re-planted in the field during August-September 2011. It includes 962 accessions of S. spontaneum, 310 accessions of Erianthus spp. and 48 accessions of allied genera.


Five clones of E. rufipilus (E. fulvus) and three clones of Miscanthus nepalensis collected from Meghalaya in 2006 are maintained at IARI Regional station, Wellington.

Germplasm Registration

♥ The Germplasm Registered for Year 2020-21:

Sl.No National identity Donor identity INGR_No Year Pedigree Developer National identity
Co 13001
Co 740 x CoT 8201
G Hemaprabha, S Alarmelu, C Appunu, RM Shanthi, K Mohanraj, P Govindaraj, A Anna Durai, Adhini S Pazhani, T Lakshmi Pathy and Bakshi Ram
High sucrose at 240 days. Short duration clone (Maturing @ 240 days). Sucrose % 19.40.
Co 14016
Co 86032 X Co 86011
G Hemaprabha, K Mohanraj, C Appunu, S Alarmelu, RM Shanthi, S Karthigeyan, P Govindaraj, A Anna Durai, Adhini S Pazhani, V Sreenivasa, S Sheelamary, AJ Prabhakaran and Bakshi Ram
High cane population (number of millable canes 1,07,670/ha). Donor for ratoonability.
CYM 08-922
CYM 07-971 X CoC 671
K Mohanraj, MN Premachandran, G Hemaprabha, S Vasantha, C Appunu, Adhini S Pazhani, VP Sobhakumari and Bakshi Ram
Potential pre-bred material for drought tolerance. Higher relative water content and lower malondialdehyde content under drought.Second Backcross progeny of the cross involving Erianthus arundinaceus and S.spontaneum having the cytoplasm of E.
BM 1010-168
Co 98010 x (Co 1148 x SES 404)
P Govindaraj and Bakshi Ram
Drought tolerance. High relative water content under drought.
SBI/2020/GU 07-2276/266
GU 04 (50) RE-9 X CoH 70
K Mohanraj, NV Nair, T Manjunatha, P Govindaraj, G Hemaprabha and Bakshi Ram
High cane yield (89.66 t/ha) under drought condition. Lowest reduction for single cane weight under drought. High Nitrogen (77.92 kg of dry biomass/kg of nitrogen))
Co 13003
Co 86011 x CoT 8201
G Hemaprabha, S Alarmelu, K Mohanraj, RM Shanthi and Bakshi Ram
High fibre (15.05%) in cane combining high sucrose (19.77%) content of commercial level.

Germplasm Registration

♥ The Germplasm Registration Committee of Indian Council of Agricultural Research had approved nine sugarcane hybrids developed at the Institute for registration as germplasm. They are:

Clone No. Registration No. Characters for which registered
INGR No. 05021 IC 522943
Saccharum x Sorghum hybrid
CYM 04-420
INGR NO. 08039; IC 556971
Erianthus arundinaceus x Saccharum spontaneum hybrid
with Erianthus cytoplasm
Co 92002
INGR NO. 08040; IC 556972
1. A rare recombinant of commercial value involving
the wild species Saccharum robustum;

2. Combining high cane yield and sugar yield with
tolerance to drought and resistance to smut

3. Tall canes
Co 93009
INGR NO. 08041; IC 522951
1. A clone of commercial status combining high cane yield
and red rot resistance

2. Heavy Canes with high single cane weight
Co 99006
INGR No. 08042; IC No. 556976
1. A high sugar variety

2.Tolerant to water logging.
SCGS 00-0402
INGR No. 09053; IC No. 565019
A pre-breeding stock identify as a source for
early high sugar content coupled
with high CCS% and juice purity
Co 97016
INGR No. 09052; IC 56501
1. It is rare recombinant involving wild Saccharum robustum in the parentage

2. It is high cane and sugar yielder

3. It is tolerant to water logging, salinity and drought in sub tropical conditions of India
Co 91002
INGR No. 09131; IC565021
1. It is a unique genetic stock for .
early sugar accumulation at 300 days of crop age.
2. It combines resistance to drought and smut
Co 0120
INGR No. 09130; IC565020
1. A high juice quality clone

2. Attain sucrose maturity early in the season (at 240 days)
SBIEC 11001
INGR No. 12016 IC No. 0594462
It is a sugarcane hybrid with high biomass production.
Total expected biomass production of 279. t/ha and
dry biomass of 101.23 t/ha
SBIEC 11002
INGR No. 12017 IC No. 0594463
A dual purpose energy cane combining high fibre content of 22.58 % and high Brix (15.92).
High harvestable biomass potential of 247.5 t/ha and dry biomass of 82.2 t/ha.
Co 0230
INGR No. 12018 IC No. 0594465
It is a water-logging resistant variety suitable for North Central India with 51.34 %
higher cane yield than BO 99. This variety has high ratoonability also.
CYM 08-903
INGR13019 IC0594482
Sugarcane hybrid with cytoplasm from wild Erianthus arundinaceus.
Derivative of (Erianthus arundinaceus x Saccharum spontaneum) x sugarcane hybrid.
A good parent giving high red rot resistant
progeny in crosses with sugarcane varieties..
INGR13050 IC0594464
Energy cane combining high fibre and high biomass
SES 159
INGR13070 IC0561900
Erianthus arundinaceus with high biomass,
high yield, high NMC and C.O.D., amenability for in vitro.
INGR13071 IC0598218
4-th generation self of Co 1148 with high sucrose, red rot resistance and with proven progeny performance.
SBI 2007-291
INGR14011 IC0598475
A sugarcane clone combining early high sugar
(sucrose >18% at 8 month and 22 % at 10 months) with red rot resistance,
suitable as a short duration variety High cane population and good rationing
potential suitable for harvesting from 240 to 300 days after planting.
IG 91-1100
IC0612055 INGR15031
CoC 772x Erianthus arundinaceus. Potential parent for high yield and quality
GU-04 (28) EO2
IC 0612056 INGR15032
True and unique intergeneric hybrid of
Erianthus procerus x Saccharum officinarum. Drought tolerant.
(IND90-776 x PIO96-435)
GU-04 (50) RE16
IC0612058 INGR15033
Unique and true intergeneric hybrid between
S.robustum and E.arundinaceus Sugarcane. (PIR 00-1100x IK76-91)
GU-08 SSH66
IC0612060 INGR15034
Intergeneric hybrid between sugarcane and sweet sorghum.
High early sugar accumulation. Resistant to red rot. (Co 0238 x SOS 250)
99 WL 379
IC0612061 INGR15035
Waterlogging resistant clone. High stem nitrogen content and
high juice quality under waterlogging conditions. (Co 7313 x Co 96011)

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