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The present method of powder jaggery preparation was standardized to get good uniform powder, better clarity, colour, taste and enhanced storability. The sugarcane juice obtained from both mature with ages varying from 11 – 12 months with Brix >19% could be conveniently used for the preparation of jaggery. The good quality powder jaggery thus prepared have a yellow colour, is less salty and uniform granular or powder form. A good colour has been obtained by adding clarificant from plant origin. The bhindi extract and Shoe flower extract were the best clarificants. The filtered juice is heated to boil and add extract made by crushing the chopped petals from  Shoe flower, and after boiling the scum is removed. Another constituent virgin coconut oil is used as an emulsifier which has added nutritional benefits. The pH of the juice is adjusted with calcium carbonate. The striking temperature is depending on the Brix content of the juice. Higher the brix content lowers the set temperature and vice versa. The set point ranges from 116° to 130°C. It is also found that a single variety at a time gives better crystallization resulting in uniform powder and a mixture of canes of different Brix and quality fails to form gritty crystals and powder form.


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