Freeze Preservation of Sugarcane Juice with Natural Additives

Natural,Healthy and Tasty

Technology Description

Sugarcane juice is one of the healthiest fresh juice widely consumed in our country. In India, sugarcane is generally crushed a fresh to obtain juice and served as a drink quench thirst during the summer months. Besides, being a nutritious drink containing natural sugars, minerals, and organic acids, sugarcane juice is a good energizing drink with good medicinal properties. Sugarcane juice strengthens the digestive and excretory systems and stimulates the brain and reproductive systems. It is also used for gaining weight and is a rich source of iron. The sugarcane juice changes its colour and taste soon after extraction and the shelf life is a concern. Within a short period, it completely gets spoiled due to polyphenol oxidation and microbial activity. The present method was standardized by quick freezing of the juice and adding the organic products which prevent polyphenol oxidation and avoid spoiling under storage. The addition of herbs of medicinal value it can be a choice across age groups. The calorific value was also maintained low by choosing the varieties with low sugar/the traditional varieties of chewing canes. A certain amount of inversion happens in the presence of citric acid available in the lemon and it adds a quick refreshing ability. The addition of fresh spices and herbal extracts helps to buildup immunity and also adds several potential health benefits. The juice can be consumed not only as an energizer but at the same time as a healthier drink. This technology is a foolproof method for preserving sugarcane juice without any preservatives or chemical additives by maintaining colour, quality, and freshness with a shelf life of over three months under frozen conditions.


The frozen juice with natural additives has the following advantages:


♣ Keep freshness and raw taste over a period of three months

♣ Transportable as juice without a freezing chamber

♣  Make it available round the clock

♣  Easy to maintain the hygienic condition

♣  Keep freshness and raw taste over a period of three months

♣  No loss of sugar content due to microbial action or inversion

♣  No loss of nutrients

♣  Enhanced medicinal value of natural additives promote consumers of all age group

Additional Health Benefits of Natural Additives



♥ Source of Vitamin C (@31mg of vitamin C/per lemon) and Vitamin B6

♥ Immunity builder

♥ Treatment of kidney stone

♥ Protect against anaemia

♥ Reduce total cholesterol level in blood




♥ Enhance digestion

♥ Improve immunity

♥ Reduce pain

♥ Treatment of arthritis

♥ Reduce blood sugar

Bird’s-Eye Chilly
(Mala.Kanthari Mulaku)



♥ Boost metabolism, and make gut stronger.

♥ It increases saliva production as a result, increases appetite

♥ Treats infections as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that relieves headaches,flu and high fever.

♥ Antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory, Anti-carcinogenic

(Mal. Nannari)



♥ Demulcent to relieve pain

♥ Keep the body cool

♥ Relieve constipation, acidity, and purify the blood

♥ Relieve inflammation in the liver and spleen

♥ Treatment for Urinary disorder, Wheezing, and anaemia

(Mal. Ramacham)



♥ Cooling, digestive, immune-modulatory, regulates menstruation and is useful in headache, burning sensations, ulcers, rheumatism and diseases of blood.


♥ It is effective in vomiting, diarrhoea etc. and is cooling and refreshing.It is also used as a water purifier.


♥ It purifies blood, remove body odour and excessive sweating

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